Sector 128, Noida.

The Kingswood Oriental are luxury independent mansions, adjacent to an 18 Hole Graham
Cooke Golf Course getting the expansive unparallel views of the Golf greens on one side & chip
& putt golf course on other.
It is a very exclusive community of luxury villas providing perfect living for the select few who
have the taste of finer things and wants to explore the unique luxury lifestyle.

To make Kingswood Oriental distinct and to have a marketable concept, the following features
are proposed for the community as a whole & for the individual homes.

  1. Kingswood Oriental Community special features:
    The Kingswood Oriental will be a separate community within Wish Town & access to this will be
    restricted only to the buyers & their guests. The community will have some special features
    since it is one of its kinds in the region & to give it a premium look feel.

    • Zen Gardens/Bonsai led landscaping to go with the theme.
    • Chip & putt golf course so that each house can be a golf unit.
    • Pebble walkways in parks lined with flora from the Far East.
    • Oriental street lighting and street furniture.
    • Golf Carts for local transportation within the community
  2. Home features:
    • Use of wood & bamboo in the design to go with an Oriental feel.
    • Lily Pool on the ground floor.
    • Elevator provision.
    • Jacuzzi in the Master Bath room.
    • Miniature Gazebos in the back garden of the house.
    • Terrace garden with barbeque.
  3. Kingswood Oriental Club House special features:
    • Top of the line security system featuring video phones & burglar sensors.
    • Wellness zone with well equipped gym, Fitness centre, yoga , aerobics etc.
    • Multi cuisine restaurants etc.
    • Golf simulator (proposed).
    • Library.
    • Party halls/areas.
    • Host of Sports facilities like Tennis courts / Swimming Pool/ etc.
    • Children areas with games arcade and other recreational areas.
    • Pool/snooker
    • Areas:
      a) 3500 Sq. Ft. (approx.)
      b) 4500 Sq. Ft. (approx.)
  4. Total Number of Units:
    Approx.150- 160